Sunday, August 14, 2011

bobbleheads and teddybears

Finally! a housing celebration! and we got all kinds of awesome new stuff to get for gold and crowns in the shop as well as a free bridge o:

and their are a whole lot of new trophies:

and on a side note i found a weird glitch in my house:

( i left the normal stuff their to show that i am not trying to place something there with housing, its just like that)

their are so many more furniture things i would like to show you guys, but i will leave you with this:

O: how cute.

happy deducing,


Friday, August 12, 2011

samoorai pet!

new pet in the crowns shop:
weighing in at a hefty 7500 crowns, he is an investment for sure.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

first time since 2009, pets and spiral cupping

well the other day something occured to me, i remembed this part of a commerical of wizard101 in 2009 i saw where it showed a hydra and then 3 dragon heads on a wall.

It made it seem like you killed the hydra and took its heads, or thats at least what i thought they were trying to say. well anyways the dragon heads were a free furniture thing you could get in the crucible until a recent update where you could get a bunch of furniture in the crowns shop. so this was a limit 1 item so it was impossible to do what it showed in the commerical but now you can, so i dunno just a cool thing i found.

in other news i finally got a pet to epic and i must say the turtle came out of great:

for some reason it shows the pips last, but i actually got the spell proof at epic and that was awesome, because i just wanted a pet with spell proof and sprite and that i got it at epic made the reward all the more rewarding.

finally i tried some of wysteria and it was a fun little experience, and i would say my greatest experience there was talking with the hypocritical teacher:
xD i laugh every time i read that! ah that makes my day.

and finally i found this new furniture item in the crown shop, a krokotopian mummy and stand:

1,650 crowns
6,250 gold
he is taller then me i:

well thats all for now,

happy deducing,


Friday, July 29, 2011

Housing item of the Day: decorative gong

so i'd seen lots of hub bub about the violin and stand, but i had seen no publicity for the decorative gong, and i really liked it, its like a gold gong, i mean come on! so anyways i set about crafting this and oddly enough, for me the hardest part was getting 40 fire blossoms, those are very rare in the bazaar and you need 15 lava lilies just to make one, so that was annoying. but in the end, i got rewarded with a nice gong:

yea so i got that done, and then here is me and my friend brian spamming the noise xD

yea so a funfilled day :D

happy deducting everybody,